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Autoclave Technology – Indigenously Developed By CSIR – National Aerospace Laboratories Industrial Grade, High temperature (350°C) and High Pressure (15 bar/g) Autoclaves for Demanding Applications.

CSIR – NAL has signed an MoU with Datasol, Bengaluru For fabrication of Electrical, control and Instrumentation Systems for the Large Autoclaves. Datasol is an AS9100 Rev D certified Product Realisation company for Aerospace & Industrial automation applications. We are Technology partners with NAL and are involved in promoting and manufacturing Autoclaves. We have already supplied such Autoclaves to many other Institutions including IIT Kanpur, IIT Mumbai, MIT (Manipal Institute of Technology). We are also in discussion with other Institutions across the country.


Compact & affordable Aerospace Autoclave with state-of-the-art features which are ideal for Academic and Research institutions.

  • Fail safe and easy to operate
  • Quick lock hinged door with integrated lock ring
  • Compact table mounted
  • Works on 32A, 230V Single Phase AC Power Supply
  • Forced air circulation with compact pressurized fan
  • Fits in a space of 1.5m cube
  • Optional closed water circulation system
    1. Optional compressed air system
    2. Automatic Vacuum bag failure protection
    3. Air less, solenoid operated control valves


CSIR-NAL’s expertise in designing and building autoclaves is evident from the number of autoclaves that are operational in CSIR-NAL. While Mark III is a high temperature (350°C) and high pressure (15 bar/g) Autoclave, Mark IV is built to be an industrial workhorse with operating space as much as 4.4m in diameter and 9m in length. This is the largest autoclave in the Indian aerospace sector.

  • Fail safe and easy to operate
  • Operating space as much as 4.4m in diameter and 9m in length
  • High temperature (350°C) and high pressure (15 bar/g)