Future Now
When Excellence & Innovation
incorporated in every stage
Making Technology Relevant for
Now & Future
Space & Beyond
Redefining the study of
Aviation & Aerospace
Moving Lives &
Enhancing Values
Providing path-breaking
solutions today for a Better Tomorrow.
Robust ATE's to
Test Extreme
Foreseeing next with the Solution
that is unparalleled
Artifical internet
of things AIOT
World of Digital
Remotely Driven

Who we are

Datasol is a group of young professionals committed to innovation and technology

The timely adaptability of rapid advancements in Technology to Military, Space, Railways and IOT is the key for our sustenance over the last two decades since 1997. Synchronization with customer needs, technology and Innovation has exposed us to many niche areas like Cockpit Control Panels, Cockpit Displays, Inertial Products, Modular ATEs, Complex System Engineering Opportunities, Documentation and Certification has put us on at par with any Indian or a foreign vendor.

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