Datasol through experience have realized that standard commercial-off-shelf(COTS) products were not always meeting the entire requirements of the end user, ventured to offer indigenous design engineering solutions. Today we at DATASOL are addressing quite complicated technologies to meet both domestic and International customers. We are proud to be part of some of the Civil Aviation programs.

We have strong expertise and exposure in design and development of Inertial Systems, Actuator Controllers, Turbine Controllers, Cockpit Control Panels, Signal conditioners, Launch Interface Units etc...


Cockpit Displays(AMLCD), MFD's/SMFD's/SDU's (3ATI/4ATI/5ATI/8"/10"/Custom). ISIS(Integrated Standby Instrument System).
Cockpit Switches,Knobs,NVIS Filters,Indicators & Switches(Push Button),Joystick,Motion Control Solutions,Rotary Switches.
ISIS(Integrated Standby Instrument System),ADAHRS.
MPC8200 series,MPC5200 series,ARM7,OMAP based embedded controller with RS232/422,1553B,ARINC interfaces. VME mass memory storage card.


Rugged keyboards(hermatically sealed),Recorders(Minature & High end),Actuator I/F unit,Strain guage conditioning unit,IFF control panel.
We have designed & developed various types of custom PC based ATE's/Test rigs to test different LRU's.We are also releasing new generation ETHCOM -Ethernet based portable ATE.
We also takeup custom designs & development of hardware based on customer requirement..